Vision & Mission

The Mission


  • Providing free hostel for 28 disabled girls especially visually impaired women and imparting training to them and providing suitable placements. So far 360 visually impaired persons are placed.
  • Providing a proper persecution and all possible assistance for self employment.
  • Organizing marriages of visually impaired persons.
  • Imparting of training for women in the cut project for making thread and garlands, which would help to earn their file folder, notebook, binding works, candles making check piece etc..
  • Self help group women and disabled people formation rural area in Karnataka.
  • Providing Chaitanya old age home for the downtrodden disabled persons.
  • Cultural activities to integrate the disabled with mainstream society.


Goals & Objectives


  • Orientation and Mobility Training for visually impaired persons.
  • Placement service.
  • Support for self employment.
  • Providing aids & appliances.
  • Rehabilitation for rural blind girls/women and disable.
  • To start training programme for the visually impaired women disable in a larger scale.
  • Providing for counselling and guidance center for the disabled.

Rural Development

  1. To undertake watershed development projects
  2. Promotion of horticulture, sericulture & floriculture activities
  3. To provide animal welfare awareness, to open goshalas in rural areas
  4. To provide education facilities, free medical services, sanitation, drinking water facilities in rural areas
  5. To provide consumer welfare awareness, welfare activities, adult education, vocational training programs in rural areas to improve the livelihood
  6. To promote national integration, communal harmony & symbiotic relationships between human.
  7. To encourage & promote people’s enterprise & collective ventures in the areas of Natural Resources Management, Bio-diversity, Sustainable Agriculture, Allied Agriculture activities co-ordination of activities of Veterinary University
  8. To encourage village industries, cottage industries, Micro-Credit & Shelf help Groups
  9. To promote the integrated child development
  10. To promote all types of cultural activities in rural areas
  11. To engage in educational development activities both formal & non-formal
  12. To promote & conduct skill development training programs for village community
  13. To encourage & actively promote the gender equality programs & undertake sustainable action against all kinds of exploitation of women
  14. To promote community health, family planning, aids control, child health care & sanitation
  15. To promote research & popularize the indigenous knowledge & Technologies & Bio Diversity.

Farming Development

  1. To conduct training camps to in rural areas for educating farmers regarding cultivation techniques
  2. To assist farmers in improving irrigation facilities
  3. To arrange conferences, seminars, meetings, study group visits, of the farmers to improve the knowledge of cultivation
  4. To carry on research & developmental activities in cultivation
  5. To co-ordinate the activities involving Krishi Vigyan Kendra & Agriculture University
  6. To carry out survey & collect information regarding farmers, land holding, cultivation techniques & maintain database of farmers



  1. To aid & assist the physically & mentally challenged persons, blinds, orphans, old age persons etc & to run old age homes, orphanage and CBR community base rehabilitation for disable and run blind library, talking musical centres etc
  2. To provide relief to the needs in the areas effected by natural calamities & communal riots & other such emergencies
  3. To promote linkage and networking with other voluntary organizations, govt & semi govt agencies & private sector within & outside the country
  4. To conduct seminars & workshops, training that will enhance the capacity building of village community & people’s institutions
  5. To promote environment friendly life style, undertake actions and programs that promote the conservation & development of natural resources & build-up awareness among the communities on these matters
  6. To promote human rights & value of subsidiary and provide legal education & assistance to the needy and undertake programs against the violation of human rights under Akhila Bharatiya Grahak Panchayat & Other such organization
  7. To promote tree plantations, Social Forestry, Dry land development programs
  8. The funds & Income of the society shall solely be utilized for the achievement of the object of the society & no portion of it shall be utilized for payment to members of the society by way of profit, interest, dividend etc.